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Wallowa Lake Attractions
Your hosts, Mark and Gwen Thornberg, as well as the rest of the staff here at Matterhorn Swiss Village invite you to enjoy the splendor of what is Wallowa Lake. Here, you will find a variety of activities that will prove to be a good time for the whole family. Information about businesses provided by the  Wallowa Lake Tourist Committee Website
Wallowa Lake State Park offers much to do, and here you can enjoy a quiet picnic or a walk on the shores of Wallowa Lake. This State Park is one of the most popular in all of the State of Oregon.
Eagle   Cap   Pack   Station    located   just   up   the   road specializes   in   day   and   extended   horse   rides   into   the Eagle   Cap   Wilderness.   The   Pack   Station   is   the   oldest continuous    packing    business    in    Northeast    Oregon. The   Eagle   Cap   Wilderness   is   the   largest   in   the   state   of Oregon..   It's   peaks   range   up   to   9845   ft.   and   it's   valleys down    to    3600    ft.    It    has    58    lakes    and    a    small permanent   ice   field.   Fishing   is   good   in   most   of   the lakes   and   streams   and   there   are   many   wildflowers, birds, and much wildlife.
Joe's   Place   Pizza   &   Bumper   Boats    is   a fun   place   to   go   hang   out   on   a   sunny   day. From   gourmet   pizzas   to   an   arcade,   this should   be   a   stop   for   you   or   your   family when visiting the lake.
Vali's   Alpine   Delicatessen   &   Restaurant    owned   by   Mike   and   Maggi   Vali have   quite   a   reputation   for   quality   food   and   a   dining   pleasure   you'll   never forget.   They   are   known   not   only   for   their   outstanding   dinners,   wines   and homemade    pastries,    but    also    their    legendary    charm    and    presentation. Homemade   pastries   are   available   each   morning.   Reservations   are   required for any dinner dining. Feel free to call (541)-432-5691 for more information.
Wallowa   Lake   Trailhead   is   your   gateway   to   the   Eagle   Cap   Wilderness. From   here   you   can   access   some   50   high   lakes   and   the   largest   designated Wilderness   area   in   all   of   the   State   of   Oregon.   While   hiking,   horseback riding,   or   packing   in   the   Eagle   Cap   you   will   see   scenery   that   reminds many of the Swiss Alps.
Wallowa Lake Tramway is one of Oregon's most popular attractions. For more information, visit their website.
Hell's Canyon National Recreation Area, the deepest gorge in North America. Just a drive away from the Wallowa Mountains.
Wallowa   Lake   Marina   has   boat   rentals   galore:   paddleboats,   row   boats,   6   HP   motor   boats,   canoes,   kayaks, and   a   21   foot   pontoon   boat.   The   Marina   also   rents   fishing   poles,   swimming   tubes,   and   life   jackets.   The Wallowa    Lake    Marina    carries    fishing    tackle,    fishing    poles,    fish    finders,    RV    supplies,    souvenirs,    food, beverages, camping supplies, and the best advice on how to catch the "big ones".
Glacier   Grill   and   General   Store    carries   anything   you   will ever   need   while   you   are   visiting   Wallowa   Lake.   Groceries, ATM    machine,    Homemade    Syrups,    Camping    gear,    Fishing gear,   Hiking   gear,   Fishing   and   hunting   licenses,   Wine   Cellar, Beer   and   wine,   Movie   Rentals,   Gifts   and   Souvenirs,   Camera supplies, Ice, Mail Drop, and More.
Scenic   Meadows   Go   Carts    offers   fun, recreation    and    enjoyment    for    the    whole family.    Scenic    Meadows    Go    Carts    has everything:   new   go   carts   and   track,   mini golf,   arcade,   ping   pong   table,   basketball, volleyball......kids    love    it    and    parents    will too.